Three Day Fiesta – Day of the Day


By: Victor Mendoza | Writer   &   Stephanie Diaz | Photographer

November 1, 2016

Have you ever heard of a three day holiday? Day of the Dead is a traditional Hispanic holiday dedicated to honor all their dead ancestors. This three day celebration begins on October 31 and ends on November 2. Just like every holiday has a symbol, Day of the Dead is symbolized through skulls and skeletons-They represent the ancestors whom are loved by their families. They are never to be forgotten about.

Day of the Dead is not intended to be a downcast event but instead is intended to be a content celebration. Families gather together and enjoy their favorite dishes, and music of their loved ones. The most common dishes are: Tamales, Mole, and Pozole. The common beverages are Coffee, Fruit flavored water, and Hot Chocolate. Along with their favorite dishes, people enjoy music; the most common music played is Mariachi, along with songs that their dead loved ones had enjoyed. They decorate their homes with vibrant colors and they create an altar for those who have passed, complete with images of them and and all sorts of flowers such as the tradtional Marigolds. The altar also has an abundance of colored paper shaped of different patterns.

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Many believe that the Day of the Dead is similar to Halloween. However, Halloween is intended to be a night of terror and witchcraft, while Day of the Dead is happy and calm. Recently we interviewed two of our peers for their thoughts on Day of the Dead and Fernando Rojas said “Day of the Dead is a very important holiday for myself. It helps me reconnect with family members who have past the way. I wish it was celebrated by more people in California.”

Similarity, Abbigail Muniz said “Day of the Dead is one way to honor my relatives and remember their good will. I love this fabulous celebration.” Based on the different opinions we got, Day of the Dead is really important in the Hispanic culture.

Day of the Dead is very significant to Hispanics because they have the opportunity to bond with their families as they celebrate their passed away ancestors. As years go by, different generations remember their ancestors and their spirits remain alive and honored through this traditional holiday.

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  1. After reading this article, I feel more educated on the subject. I always hear about the holiday in school and outside of it, but this article helped to tie the information together.

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