Dana Point Harbor is Lit

  By: Peyton Lee | Student Life Editor   &   Renee Malone |Writer/Photographer/Videographer  December 15, 2016 In the season of sweaters and holiday songs, it’s the time for lights to illuminate houses, streets, and in […]

The Truth About Cheer

By: Ily Macpherson| Student Life Editor, Kayla Castro | Quality Control Manager, & Geoffrey Osuna | Photography December 7, 2016 It’s a sport that no one believes is actually a sport. The one team around campus that […]

Classic Style – An Analog Youth

By Josh Greene | Media Editor December 4, 2016 Each generation has its own culture yet our generation stands unique. Millennials seem to be defined by the culture of generations prior. Like the styles of ancient […]

Students Looking for PE Credit, Try Surf Class

By: Josh Greene | Media Editor December 4, 2016 Often times, students consider freshman year the worst of their high-school career. Going from middle school, a place of comfort and security, to high school, a place of […]

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