Club Profile – Visits of Love

By: Sophie Conone |Writer January 27, 2017  Attention Club Rushers and helping hands! Looking to boost those community service hours? Want to participate in fun activities while giving back to the wise? The San Clemente […]

Casino Formal Hit the Jackpot

By: Camryn Ostrander | Writer  &  Renee Malone | Writer January 26, 2017 Just when students thought they were done being stressed out about finals, San Clemente High School throws the Winter Formal at them. But […]

Fake News PSA

By: Darren DiMarco | Writer January 26, 2017 ‘This just in, Shaquille O’Neal has broken out of the Earth’s atmosphere with a single leap, discovers ancient, invisible moon men, and declares his plot for world […]

Movie Review – The Bye Bye Man

By: Hailey Duncan | Writer January 23, 2017 With limited things to do in our newfound rainy weather, watching movies in the theaters and in the comfort of your own home is a great way to […]

A Small Town of 66,000

By: Saffron Sener | Editor in Chief January 23, 2017 A well-timed observation can spark epiphanies. This is something I’m sure everyone is more than familiar with; when certain details are brought to one’s attention, […]

The Fake News Epidemic

By: Chloe Rudnicki |News Editor January 25, 2017 Republics are reliant on the people. An uninformed public is likely to make decisions capable of causing chaos and confusion deadly to a “free” society. Therefore, information […]

Tritons Make History!

[metaslider id=11468] By: Max Jonnaert | Sports Editor January 4, 2017 For the first time in San Clemente High School’s 51 year history, the Tritons are D-1A State and CIF champions after defeating Del Oro […]