#MeToo, A Movement To Voice The Voiceless

By: Sutton Loughran | Writer October 25th, 2017 In recent news, over 40 women have accused Harvey Weinstein, a successful film producer currently based out of Hollywood,  CA, of sexual assault. As disturbing and sad this […]

San Clemente High School’s Road to Royalty

By: Renee Malone | Writer  &  Lauren Stewart | Writer and Photographer October 25, 2017 As the class of 2018 settles into their new spot as seniors, homecoming festivities are finally here to celebrate their last year on […]

A Parade to Remember: San Clemente Homecoming

By; Morgan Thomas | Opinion Editor & Courtney McDonald | Writer This past friday, on the 27th of October, San Clemente High School conducted its annual homecoming parade in Downtown San Clemente. Families lined Avenida Del Mar […]

Be Humble, Stand Up for the National Anthem

By: Sydney Burns | Writer   &   Emma Earlywine | Writer October 25, 2017 The uprising against discriminatory police action, specifically towards African Americans, has reached a boiling point. Publicized by professional sports, namely the NFL, the kneeling […]

The Apprentice: Border Wall Edition

By: Savi Raghuraman | Writer   &   Lucy Terry | Writer October 25, 2017 On Thursday, October 19, construction crews completed the last of eight border wall prototypes in the Otay Mesa area of San Diego […]

Creative Writing – “Her Ladybug”

By: Miles Estrada | Writer (Fiction) October 31, 2017 She always desired a ladybug of her own. When she first saw one crawling about a boy’s books in her history class, she said pleadingly “I […]

The Truth About Thrifting

By: Morgan Creek | Opinion Editor October 25, 2017 Some people find that thrift stores, or stores that sell previously used and/or up-cycled clothing, have everything they could possibly need. From clothing, to furniture, to books, to […]

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