The ironclad heroism of Instagram users

By: Elijah Winn | Editor and Micah Regalado | Editor in Chief September 6,2019 Since January 2019, over 80,000 fires have sprung up throughout the Amazon rainforest, ravaging Brazil. In an attempt to solve the issue, […]

Club Profile: Make-a-Wish

By: Piper Biolos | Writer  &  Kate Hedger| Writer September 13, 2019 The returning San Clemente High School club, Make-a-Wish, led by club President Ryann Leff, raises money for kids with life threatening illnesses. The […]

A rundown of homeroom

By: Sabrina Spunt &  Lilah Kopenhefer | Writers September 6, 2019 Starting the 2019-20 school year, San Clemente High School has implemented a new program called Homeroom. It is a Link Crew-led replacement of student […]

The impact of Cool To Be Kind

By: Makena Viera and Ava Sinacori | Writers September 5, 2019 Under the beating sun, hundreds of students crammed together this past Wednesday on the San Clemente High School campus with hopes of signing up […]

Schoolloop: Helpful or Harmful

By: Lang Csira | Editor September 6, 2019   Schoolloop exists to update parents and students on upcoming assignments and quizzes, and to project graded work and tests. The website makes it possible for parents […]

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