Justin Turner gets covid-19

Danielle Generaux | Student Life Editor November 5, 2020 32 years. Los Angeles has been waiting for this for 32 years. The Los Angeles Dodgers are World Series champions after a Major League Baseball season […]

NFL trade deadline: winners and losers

Jack Hagen | Writer November 8, 2020 November 3rd marked the trade deadline for the NFL: the last day that teams can exchange players and draft picks before the next offseason. While it was fairly […]

How to fact check social media “news”

Kate Hedger | Student Life editor November 8, 2020 We have all been in the position where a friend or peer has posted something news-related that seems questionable or untrue. People love to read and […]

Senior spotlight: Matthew Macarewich

Savannah Gresham | Writer November 8, 2020 Drumline, college applications, and rocket science are just a few items on Senior Matthew Macarewich’s everyday to-do-list. Far from the typical teen, Macarewich has built an extensive resumé […]

England reenters national lockdown

Eden Milligan | Head Editor November 6, 2020 Prime Minister Boris Johnson recently announced that England is enforcing a second national lockdown, effective November 5. Johnson said he wishes to prevent a second spike of […]

Your local election results

Jack Harris | Writer November 8, 2020 During the past few weeks, most of the news cycle has been dedicated to the constant drama of the presidential election, neglecting local elections. Election day has finally […]

Businesses board up in election preparation

By Kaitlyn Harsey | Arts and Entertainment Editor November 3, 2020 Many citizens fear the American polarized political climate, but is there a real fear of a civil war if either candidate wins? Depending on who you […]

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