Black History Month is here!

Amy Parr | Head Editor February 7, 2021 Black History Month, a month dedicated to honoring Black achievements, has its origins way back in with 1915 with Carter G. Woodson, who was born to former […]

The seal tragedy

Seth Hahn | Writer February 7, 2021 Seal clubbing in northern countries has been a common practice dating back to the 1600s. It is one of the many animal product trades and in the past […]

The cancelation of school field trips

Mirca Gomez | Writer February 7, 2021 Since elementary school, field trips have been a fundamental part of students’ education. Students can experience new activities and make memories that will last a lifetime on field […]

NBA Standings Predictions

Ben Cooper | Sports Editor February 7, 2021 The NBA season is already three months in and teams are making moves to enhance their playoff push. James Harden was traded to the Nets made them […]

Make the SC Rice Bowl at home!

Gisele Brandt | Head Editor February 7, 2021 After a long beach day, I am always hungry, so I often stop at Active Culture for a delicious grain bowl. My favorite has always been the […]

The impact of abandoned oil wells

Ben Meyler | Writer February 7, 2021 As many countries across the world focus on improving environmental practices and reducing emissions, recent studies show that abandoned gas and oil wells may be having a severe impact […]

Parking passes: follow the money

Clara Helm | Head Editor February 7, 2021 At SCHS, all it takes is a simple $100 handover for the honor of having a glorious main parking lot spot. You won’t even mind having to […]

Senior spotlight: Ryland Swarthout

Owen Simler | Writer February 7, 2021 For many Americans, passion for football runs deep in their blood, and that is especially true for senior Ryland Swarthout. Swarthout is #56 on the field and plays […]

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