Maxine Davey – Editor in Chief (2020-21)

Max is incredibly excited to be this year’s Editor-in-Chief! Her hobbies include belting Beyoncé in the car with Ava, buying out the entire stock of pumpkin muffins at Trader Joe’s, and watching reality TV (like So You Think You Can Dance). Additionally, she is a four-year member of the SCHS girls’ varsity soccer team and President of the SCHS chapter of National Honor Society. She plans to play soccer at a 4-year university, and her post-college plans might include becoming an international civil rights lawyer, environmental journalist, or foreign correspondent for The New York Times.

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2 Comments on Maxine Davey – Editor in Chief (2020-21)

  1. Maxine,
    Ive produced a report on some less-than-legal activity in regards to preparing lands for development near SCHS.

    Your email needed if you wish to see (pdf only for the moment)

    The goal of those doing this is obviously to deal with fewer endangered species that restrict the making of money to the exclusion of other concerns.

    Certainly, its a similar concern to the recent climate change walkout, which I applauded with enthusiasm. My daughter Grace goes to the school now, as did my older one, Lauren.

    kevin nelson

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