Victor Mendoza – Writer (2016-17)

Hi, my name is Victor Mendoza and I am sixteen years old. I am a senior at San Clemente High School. The reason I decided to take Newspaper was because I wanted my writing skills […]

Solana Loust – Writer (2015-17)

My name is Solana and I’m a junior at San Clemente this year. This upcoming year I will be a writer for the Triton Times newspaper. I’ve always loved to write and enjoyed writing short […]

Gavin Kelleher – Writer (2016-18)

Hello, my name is Gavin Kelleher-Marciello. I am a junior at SCHS and this is my first year in San Clemente. I recently moved here with some of my family after living in Ocean Beach, […]

Ian Warner – Writer (2016-17)

Hello world! My name is Ian Warner and I like to party (not really). I am 17 years old and a junior at SCHS. This is my first year taking Newspaper and I will try […]

Kieran Mitchell – Writer (2016-17)

My name is Austin Kieran Mitchell but I go by Kieran because there’s too many Austins out there. I joined this class because Maisie Shea made me but I’m finding I actually enjoy being here and it’s worth […]

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