Ask Winter – Advice Column

Hi Winter, I’m really stressed out with the start of school. I already had 2 essays! How can I manage my time better so that I will be less stressed? Dear Stressed, The beginning of […]

Super Bowl XLVIII: Seahawks 43, Broncos 8

The Seattle Seahawks are Super Bowl champions for the first time after defeating the Broncos 43-8.  One of the best defenses in NFL history clashed with a prominent offense in Super Bowl XLVIII. The Denver […]

Shattered Fairy Tales

Every kid looks forward to growing up. They can’t wait to stop playing “house” and pretending to be a grown up. Kids want to be just like their parents and older siblings. They imagine driving […]

The Unseen Effects of Misusing “Retarded”

Below is a speech I wrote for my school’s anti-bullying assembly in seventh grade. It promotes awareness of the hate behind the word “retarded.”   Here’s a question that you probably know the answer to: […]

Closed Campus

As yet another year begins at San Clemente High School, we are left alone here. The upper classmen that we watched nervously through the playgrounds of grade school and the cages and quads of high school –poof- vanished. We’re a baby […]

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