By, Claudia Pacheco | Editor in Chief   &   Kian Kiasaleh  | Arts & Entertainment Editor Separating for the first time since they left the womb, these three sets of twins divulge their candid […]

Whale Wars

By, Zack Gardner | Videographer May 7, 2016 The surf community of San Clemente was recently impacted when a large whale washed up at one of the most prominent surf spots in the world. Lower […]

Gender Bias in School Dress Codes

By, Ava Sterling | Writer April 28, 2016 Dress codes – what are they good for? Absolutely nothing. Dress codes unfairly target girls and have always been prevalent in the school system. Shorts and skirts […]

This Year’s Summer Recipes

By, Maisie Shea | Writer  &  Bryce Dutchik | Writer May 11th, 2016 With summer right around the corner, students are enriching their meals with ripe fruit and fresh vegetables. From frosty, cold drinks to warm […]

Why Travel Abroad for School?

By, Ethan Partridge | Writer May 4th, 2016 In the more recent years of world languages at SCHS, Spanish, French, and Japanese teachers have expanded beyond the average school field trip. Every other year, each language class […]

Creative Writing – The Cigar Room

By, Kelsey Morales | Writer May 10, 2016 The heavy wooden door whined in protest as I tugged it open, the skirt of my robe swishing around my feet with the sudden movement. A sliver […]

Senior Assassin 2016

By, Katy Clemens | Writer   &   Baron Moran | Writer May 6th, 2016 Happen to see any San Clemente High School seniors tip-toeing around town with an air of paranoia and clutching tightly to spray […]

Restaurant Review – H.H. Cottons

By, Solana Loust | Writer    &   El Seabern | Writer April 21st, 2016 Making plans to grab dinner with friends or family? We often find ourselves in the the same dilemma: what if we do […]

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