Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Kerr

By: Chloe Rudnicki |News Editor December 15th, 2016 As the well-worn axiom goes, “Teachers affects eternity; they can never tell where their influence ends.” It is a mantra that lies at the heart of education and […]

In Search of Fresh Powder

By: Ian Warner | Writer   &   Taylor Bautista | Writer December 14, 2016 The winter season comes and with it, brings cold weather, ugly sweaters, and huddling inside by the fireplace for warmth. […]

Loyalty vs. Money in Professional Soccer

By: Robbie Campbell | Writer December 15, 2016 In a world driven by money, soccer players around the world are paid astronomical numbers for their performances on the pitch. Because of this, players will be […]

The Perfect Date Night – Winter Wonderland

By: Solana Loust | Writer  &   Devynn Conte | Writer December 16, 2016 The holiday season is the perfect time for fun and romantic date nights with your loved one. All these holiday festivities come with an […]

The Cost of Plastic Bags

By: John de Koeyer | Writer December 15, 2016 California’s passage of Proposition 67 on November 8th, which requires retailers to no longer provide free single use plastic bags.  According to the California Voter’s Guide […]

Giving the Gifts that Count

By Kenzie McKinnon | Writer & Photographer  &   Camryn Ostrander | Writer & Photographer So, if you haven’t heard, “giving back” is like the “new black,” and as we approach the holidays at a rapid […]

Book Review – We All Looked Up

By: Hailey Griffith | Writer and Photographer December 12, 2016 What would you do if your life was suddenly based on a 66% chance of dying and a 34% chance of surviving? In the book […]

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