Teacher Profile: Ms. Cochrun

By, Katie Kendall | Writer   &   Melissa Whitsell | Writer December 16, 2015 Ms. Cochrun, full time math teacher, sat down with us to answer the few questions we have about her life as a […]

Fearful of Flying?

By Alexis Weppner | Writer December 10, 2015 With the holidays just around the corner, thousands of travelers flock airports, hoping to catch flights to different destinations worldwide. Yet, a common fear among people is […]

How to Make Peppermint Bark

By, Katy Clemens |Writer   &  Baron Moran |Writer Christmas is a time when families come together and carry on traditions they have created, new or old. Many families embrace the festive spirit by decorating the […]

Keeping Your Furry Friend Safe

By: Alexis Weppner | Writer November 22, 2015 Admit it: We’re all guilty of feeding our furry little friends table scraps! And while it’s quite obvious that they enjoy it — some, so much so, […]

The Physics of the Pumpkin Drop

By Katie Kendall | Writer   &   Melissa Whitsell | Writer November 10, 2015 The annual SCHS physics pumpkin drop held on Friday, October 30th was a smashing hit to say the least. In the spirit […]

Hot New Autumn Recipes

By Shikha Mody | Newspaper Club President November 10, 2105 Chilly weather, cozy sweaters, and fun times with friends and family all characterize the season of autumn. To make good times even better, just add […]

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