Featured Recipe – Banana Crunch Muffins

By Fiama Pschaidt | Newspaper Club Writer May 21, 2015   Banana Crunch Muffins are an easy way to make breakfast or a Sunday brunch special. Total Time:45 min Prep:20 min Cook:25 min Yield:18 large […]

Prom Jitters

By  Bailey Peterson | Editor in Chief April 28th, 2015 Festival season is over and prom season has officially begun! ASB already has their Prom 2015 advertisements up around campus, urging students to buy tickets. […]


By Madi Hawksley| Student Life Editor April 23, 2015 The AVID (Advanced Via Individual Determination)Program has been around helping students gain college acceptances for years. This course is taken throughout the four years of high […]

Club Profile – Confidence Campaign

By Stephanie Alpizar | Writer April 21, 2015 We live in a world in which society controls us. Although it seems like an external entity, only a few realize that society is made up of […]

Restaurant Review – SC Cafe

By Claudia Pacheco | News Editor   &   Elke Kelly | Photographer February 11, 2015 For some of the yummiest breakfast and lunch items in town, cruise over to SC Café on El Camino […]

What is Valentine’s Day?

By Sara Hartanov | Writer February 11th, 2015 February 14th is famously known as Valentine’s Day and is  celebrated all around the world. Cupid and a dozen red roses tend to be affiliated with this […]

Coachella 2015

By Jasmine Martinez | Writer January 14, 2015 It’s that time of year again as Coachella is only 2 months away! Music lovers get excited about festival season just as your average sports fan gets excited […]

Tritons Traveling – San Francisco

By Mikela Mertens | Writer January 11, 2014 This past weekend my mom, my best friend, and I decided to take a trip up north to see the city of San Francisco. We armed ourselves with […]

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