Best barber shop: Senor Barber

A look into Señor Barber in San Clemente

By: Jason Keany | Editor in Chief

February 20, 2019

Founder of Señor Barber, Al Oliman

In San Clemente there are many choices to get a haircut, but one supersedes the rest. Enter: Señor Barber. This niche popsicle stand is sure to give you a full dose of Raiders fan wear and some gosh darn American Patriotism. Walking in, you enter the well equipped man-cave of Al Oliman, the head barber and owner of Señor Barber. This bilingual hunk of a Mexican man will happily greet you and always, I mean always, let you know that the wait won’t be long.

While you await to get all your hairs cut, TV’s at each corner of the room typically play a History Channel World War II documentary. As soon as a chair opens up, you best believe a burly man with a stellar haircut will say “Thank you, next!” and you will walk up to a classic looking, good-old-fashioned barber chair. As they spin you around and ask what you want, reply with your hair order and they will give you a award-winning hair-job. On top of the hair is their impressive service and friendliness. Senior Liam Nelson argues, “Señor Barbers is where I’ve had some of my favorite conversations.” On your way out, don’t forget to grab a lollipop while you walk away looking like a young Brad Pitt.

401 S El Camino Real Suite F, San Clemente, CA 92672

8:15am – 7pm


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