Attack of Gluten on Celiac’s

  By, Evan Echelberger | Writer   &   Taylor Jower | Writer Hey, in case you didn’t know, 3 million people in our country are affected by celiac disease, yet 97% of them are […]

Minimal Makeup Look

  By, Kelsey Morales | Writer February 3, 2016 As high school students approach college with each passing year, stakes are raised and ambition heightens. Class schedules and extracurricular activities begin to dominate free time, […]

Meet Your Match

  By, Shikha Mody | Newspaper Club President January 29, 2016 Love is in there air! At least, it is for National Honor Society’s Valentine’s Day event. Students have the opportunity to find out who they […]

APES Ecocolumns

    By, Brooke Herbes | Writer   &   Masie Velasquez | Writer January 15, 2016 Environmental Science is a AP/IB class that not only involves our modern day world and the issues we are […]

The Simple Life

    By, Kian Kiasaleh   |   Arts & Entertainment Editor January 12th, 2016 “My fingers clung on for dear life as my mom tried to pry them off my tattered hair scrunchie from […]

College Profile: University of Alabama

  By, Max Jonnaert   |   Writer January 14th, 2016 Just coming off of a fresh and hard-fought College Football Championship win, the ‘Crimson Tide’ may be a college for you! Founded in 1831 […]

Common Grooming Misconceptions

  By, Alexis Weppner   |   Writer January 12, 2016 Common misconceptions when it comes to the care of dogs and cats is their general upkeep in grooming: “Cats don’t need to be groomed–they […]

Life of a Ballerina

  By, Ava Sterling | Writer   &   Solana Loust | Writer Ballet is a combination of sport and art, which makes it both physically and mentally challenging. Many students at San Clemente High […]

Senior Jobs

By, Katy Clemens | Writer    &     Baron Moran | Writer In this day and age, many high school students manage an after school job while keeping up with their studies. While some […]

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