Movie Review – Gone Girl

By Hannah Lickley October 28, 2014 “Gone Girl” directed by David Fincher is rated R. The movie is rated R for the bloody violence’s, strong sexual content, and language. Lasting 2 hours and 25 minutes […]

Political Column – Rock the Vote

  By Bailey Peterson | Editor in Chief October 23, 2014 In the 2012 general election, pitting, Republican candidate, Mitt Romney against, incumbent, President Obama, only 57% of the voting age population participated. This low […]

SCHS Homecoming 2014

Sawyer Labbe | Newspaper Club President October 23, 2014 For every student in high school, homecoming is always memorable – after all, we only get four of them. However, this year’s San Clemente Homecoming on […]

Sign Up to Save Lives at the Blood Drive

By Claudia Pacheco | News Editor   &   Elke Kelly | Writer, Photographer October 23, 2014 On November 7th, Be a Hero, Become a Donor is presenting another opportunity for you to save three lives by donating […]

School Play Preview – Almost, Maine

Max Eberle | Club Writer October 22, 2014 Love is in the air as San Clemente High’s drama department gears up for their annual fall play. Set in the fictional town of “Almost, Maine”, a […]

Club Profile – Cool 2 Be Kind

By Madi Hawksley | Student Life/Opinion Editor October 23, 2014 The club was created with intention of changing SCHS to a complete anti-bulling school and raise awareness to bullying and its effects it has on […]

Senior Interview – Jolee Cobb

By Jhanay Eugene | Writer October 23, 2014 Jolee Cobb is a senior here at SCHS and has lived in San Clemente her whole life.  Jolee is known for her rambunctious laugh and her ability […]

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