Ask Winter – Advice Column

Dear Winter, There are so many big life questions in my head lately… who am I, what is my purpose, what is love. My friends don’t get it. I spend way more time listening to […]

Student Poll – Homecoming Dance

By Alissa Roubison | Writer   &   Mac West | Writer October 23, 2014 On Friday October 11, 2014, San Clemente High School had its 50th Annual Homecoming Dance. Surprisingly, the speakers blew out, there was […]

Pet of the Week – Cooper

By Bailey Peterson | Editor in Chief October 17, 2014 Cooper Hartanov is a white Labrador who lives in Talega with senior Sara Hartanov. In his spare time Cooper loves to hike to the water […]

SCHS Girls Volleyball Kicks Off Season

By Brooke Visagie | Club Writer October 7, 2014 Triton Girls Volleyball is off to a strong start this season and senior outside hitter Becca Dunn attributes it to the team’s rising excitement and confidence. “Now […]

Ask Winter – Advice Column

Hey Winter, My boyfriend’s parents hate me. What should I do? Dear Hated, I understand how you could feel that way but just remember that they are still human. Some parents just naturally dislike anyone […]

Triton Girls Tennis Team Makes History

By Taylor Beard | Sports / Arts & Entertainment Editor October 8, 2014 While all of our sports teams have performed spectacularly early on through this 2014-15 school year, our girls tennis teams recently made […]

5 Local Teens Killed in I-5 Accident

By Bailey Peterson | Editor in Chief October 7, 2014 Five local teens were killed in a car accident heading home from Knott’s Scary Farm last Saturday around 2:15 a.m.. An unlicensed sixteen year old […]

Creative Writing – “Chance Encounters”

October 7, 2014 By Stephanie Alpizar | Writer Chance Encounters She slammed her car door shut and began shuffling through the two-inch deep crystalized water that had already fallen that early November morning. She rushed […]

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