Take That Ball to the Hoop!

By, Ily Macpherson | Sports Editor December 18, 2015 Last Thursday in the home Sea View League opener against Woodbridge, San Clemente High School’s varsity boys basketball team started their season out with a victory. […]

St. Nicholas to Santa Claus: A History

By, Saffron Sener  |  News Editor December 17, 2015 Clothed in a red suit with a white fur trim and big black boots, accompanied by a mob of little elves and reindeer, and recognizable by […]

Teacher Profile: Ms. Cochrun

By, Katie Kendall | Writer   &   Melissa Whitsell | Writer December 16, 2015 Ms. Cochrun, full time math teacher, sat down with us to answer the few questions we have about her life as a […]

Rugby: From Club to Team

By: Brooke Herbes | Writer & Masie Velasquez | Writer December 16, 2015 Here at SCHS we have our main sports like football, soccer, and surfing, but what about all of the forgotten teams? This […]

New Year’s Resolutions…

By, Alison Shea | News Editor December 16, 2015 We’re on the brink of a new year and you know what that means; it’s time to start setting some goals and incorporating new activities into your […]

The Season of Giving

By Kian Kiasaleh | Arts & Entertainment Editor December 16, 2015 *See donation links below* During the holiday season, malls are teeming with frantic people in frenzy to buy gifts for friends and family. To give is […]

Most Anticipated YA Novels

By Kelsey Morales  |  Writer       December 16, 2015   Young Adult novels provide an escape from the monotonous routine of everyday life. As student Alice Zhang eloquently puts it, “They’re adventurous, and […]

Creative Writing – The Ghost of Death

By: Chloe Rudnicki | Opinion Editor December 16, 2015   Cold melted steel birthed from a machine that has never felt the warmth of silky sun or a human caress. A soft, slender figure that […]

‘Tis The Season

By: El Seabern | Writer  &  Taylor Jower | Writer December 18th, 2015 Around the holiday season, everything becomes a blur. With so much family to see, parties to RSVP, and presents to purchase; you […]

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