Best of SC: Bagels – Bagel Shack

By: Ireland Ridill | Writer March 15, 2018 Most breakfast places in San Clemente offer many different options to start your day off with. However, what first comes to mind for most people in SC […]

Best of SC: Boutiques – Isabelle’s Cabinet

By: Lucy Terry | Student Life Editor March 7, 2018 For this year’s “Best of SC: Boutiques” award, Isabelle’s Cabinet comes in first, thanks to their consistent production of cute, affordable pieces and undeniable sense […]

Best of SC: Taco Tuesday – Avila’s

By: Lynsey Burner | Writer March 7, 2018 Avila’s El Ranchito has been apart of the San Clemente community since 2003. Their delicious authentic Mexican food, drinks, and especially their Taco Tuesday is a local […]

Best of SC: Smoothie – Juice Stop

By: Darren DiMarco | Web Designer March 7, 2018 This year’s winner for best smoothie in San Clemente goes to Juice Stop. With a wide array of options to choose from, ranging from a tropical […]

Best of SC: Quesadilla – Avila’s

By: Miles Estrada  | Writer (Fiction) March 8th, 2018 It is hard going for one to find the perfect quesadilla. People search the world over, discovering nothing whatever of any real significance, unless it were fairly […]

Best of SC: Candy Shop – Rocket Fizz

By: Lucas Henkel | Arts & Entertainment Editor March 7, 2018 I’m pretty sure everyone has a sweet tooth. Now although there are different candy stores around the city that can help satisfy that craving of yours, […]

Best of SC: Beach – Lausens

By: Corrin Hurst | Writer March 9, 2018 San Clemente is located along Pacific Coast Highway, and with so many beaches available, there are some serious opinions on where to go to soak up the […]

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