The Eras Tour on a budget: Taylor’s upcoming film

TAYLOR SWIFT performing at the Eras Tour. (People)

Taylor Van Dijk | Writer

September 5, 2023

The demand for Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour tickets brought out a zealous side of the nation. Millions of fervent fans signed up for pre-sale and eagerly awaited the Ticketmaster drop. The battle for tickets was jokingly compared to the Hunger Games. While many came out of the ticket sale with empty pockets and ideas for outfits, countless others emerged frustrated and empty-handed. With resale prices outrageously high, people lost hope of attending the renowned nationwide tour.

When Taylor Swift rounded off the U.S. leg of the tour in Los Angeles and revealed the long-awaited release of her re-recorded album 1989, Swifties believed this to be the explosive end of the Taylor Swift Eras Tour saga. However, fans did not have to wait long for Taylor’s next surprise. Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour Concert Film was announced on September 1st to be released in theaters starting October 13, which has raised the question: would people spend more money to see a recording of the concert? With pre-sale generating 26 million dollars in a single day, it is safe to say that they definitely would. “I already spent too much to buy Eras Tour tickets on resale,” junior Michelle Monier remarked, “but the tour was so amazing I would pay to see it again.” 

ORIGINAL TAYLOR Swift Eras Tour poster. (Taylor Nation)

Big plans are already underway leading up to the October 13 release. Swifties plan to continue the tradition of exchanging friendship bracelets and dressing up as their favorite era, a notable aspect of the unique concert experience. For many, it is not about seeing the tour, but rather a social event that gives people an excuse to dress up and get together, united by their love of Taylor Swift and her music. “I think there was a lot of excitement around the release of the new Barbie movie because it was so fun to dress up in pink with friends,” junior Grace Pratt ventured, “and I think the Eras tour movie will generate a similar excitement.”

Evident from the pre-sale demand, the Eras Tour film is more accessible to the target market than the concert. With the film component, there is no limit to the amount of shows and tickets that can be sold. Teenagers who did not have upward of a thousand dollars to spend can buy an adult ticket for a projected $19.89 and a senior or child’s ticket for $13.13, a suspected play at Taylor’s 1989 album and her lucky number “13.” While Taylor Swift is the ultimate businesswoman, she can also appreciate some sentimentality. Combined with the inexpensive movie fare and widespread showing in local theaters, the Taylor Swift Eras Tour is reaching broader audiences than ever before. 

While a recording of a concert on the big screen is a little bit out of the ordinary, Taylor Swift’s charting albums, sold-out Eras Tour, and highly anticipated movie all show the dedication and devotion of Swifties everywhere. With all the excitement surrounding the film, the question arises: Will you be joining the bandwagon to see Taylor’s new movie? 

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