Creative Writing – Paralleled

By Saffron Sener | News Editor December 1, 2015   Rima sits. She knows nothing but the pain in her feet from walking and walking and walking for what has seemed to her a million […]

Movie Review – Secret in Their Eyes

By: Alison Shea | News Editor December 2, 2015 Julia Roberts doesn’t turn to her usual happy-go-lucky role in this mystery and suspense drama that hit theaters on Friday, November 20. Instead, she plays a […]

A (Not So) Normal Sunday Afternoon

By: Ethan Partridge | Writer November 20, 2015 Twelve o’clock at the new San Clemente Outlets, and business is booming. People are filling the several plazas, looking in at the new wonders that await them […]

Keeping Your Furry Friend Safe

By: Alexis Weppner | Writer November 22, 2015 Admit it: We’re all guilty of feeding our furry little friends table scraps! And while it’s quite obvious that they enjoy it — some, so much so, […]

A Naive Person’s Look at Loss

By: Chloe Rudnicki | Opinion Editor December 3, 2015 Sometimes, life decides to take something beautiful and break it. Hearts, minds, relationships, memories:  nothing is sacred to this ruthless monster, powered by time and mortality. […]

Thanksgiving Isn’t All About The Food

By Koby Wolfe | Writer December 3, 2015 This Thanksgiving, the traditional football games were either exciting or just a straight dominant play by one team. There were a great number of amazing catches, impressive […]

Thanksgiving Break Vacations 2015

By: Katie Kendall | Writer   &   Melissa Whitsell | Writer December 3, 2015 Every year for Thanksgiving, students spend their week-long break in captivating spots like mountains, deserts, and even distant beaches. Thanksgiving […]

Making a Splash with Girls Water Polo

By El Seabern | Writer   &   Taylor Jower | Writer December 1, 2015 After losing by one point last year against El Toro at CIF finals, the varsity girls water polo team couldn’t help […]

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