Best place for a bonfire: Sano

By: Matt Farrow | Student Life Editor Sit back in your beach chair and take a deep breath of fresh salty air before the wind decides to change its heading and choke you with a bombardment […]

Best burrito: Pedro’s Tacos

  By: Jorjiana Haumea | Photographer February 20, 2019 Pedro’s was nominated for the best burrito and won! Most burrito places in San Clemente will offer you all sorts of good options to start or end […]

Best coffee: Zebra House

By: Lexi Kortman | Writer February 22, 2019 Whether you’re pulling up to the drive-thru for a cup of joe on-the-go or grabbing a table for a study sesh, Zebra House Coffee is the best […]

Best poke: Kawamata

By: Sydney Donovan | Writer February 21, 2019 Poke lovers are you ready for the best Poke in San Clemente! This Hawaiian salad made from cubed pieces of raw seafood marinated with soy sauce and […]

Best brunch spot: La Galette Creperie

By: Emily Eberhart | Arts and Entertainment Editor February 21, 2019 Looking for the perfect spot in San Clemente to grab a delicious Sunday brunch with your family? Well look no further than La Galette […]

Best fish taco: Sanchos Tacos

By: Carli Lawrence | Writer February 20, 2019 If you’re looking for the best fish taco in town, the family-run restaurant Sancho’s Tacos is the best place to go. Located on El Camino Real, it’s an […]

Best Italian restaurant: Guichos

By: Eva Barreira | Photographer February 20, 2018 If you’re looking for a one of a kind true Italian restaurant, Guichos is the one for you. Students at SC are in love with their rich pastas, […]

Best boba: Pho Thahn Bihn

By: Sofia Helmle | Writer February 21, 2019 In recent times, the boba craze that began way back in 2008 has returned to the United States. An acquired taste, these tapioca balls that can be […]

Best free date spot: Barn Park

By: Brayden Young  | Media Team February 21, 2019 Do you want to take your date to somewhere where you can spend time and connect with each other without having to spend a dime? Well […]

Best first date: Fired Up

By: Reid Corley | Media Team February 22, 2019 So, you’ve finally decided to work up the courage to ask your crush out, and they, low and behold, said yes. What now? First, give yourself […]

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