Faith Haas – Photographer

Faith Haas is a junior at SCHS and has had the pleasure of living here her whole life. In her free time she finds happiness in surfing, hanging out with friends and  sleepovers at Bella Barbernell’s house, with the squad, where we all stay up too late and feel terrible the next morning! If Faith’s not available to hang out, it’s most likely because she has to work at Baskin Robbins and help customers who don’t know the difference between sugar, waffle and cake cones. She very rarely declines plans because she enjoys the company of her amazing friends even though she tends to focus on same two people. Catch her driving around in her brown, 1992 Mercedes station wagon named Stanley that is the sickest car in town!

“Faith honestly has the coolest car. She’s also the best ice cream scooper this town has ever seen.” – Sabrina Spunt

“Faith is one of my favorite people. She is so fun and always make me happy. She tried to copy my hair so I dyed it brown lol” -Bella Barbernell

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