Mia Costales – News Editor (2020-21)

Mia is a senior at SCHS and entering her second year in newspaper. She hopes to inform students about current events & activities, while writing for the Triton Times. After high school, she plans on studying music composition for film and television, as well as continuing journalism. She also likes to surf and plays the violin for the school’s symphony and chamber orchestra.

Amanda Gorman’s “The Hill We Climb” dreams of a united democracy

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What Measure 110 means for the “War on Drugs”

The Electoral College: outdated and irrelevant?

Senior spotlight: Sydney Seefedlt

Senior spotlight: Chelsea Adel

The problem with online learning

California’s fire departments face lack of man-power

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San Clemente’s Farmer’s Market

Bloomberg’s debut debate: a rocky start

Best pizza: LaRocco’s Pizzeria

Generation Z’s role in climate change activism

Lawsuit proposes changes to SAT and ACT requirements

The physical and environmental impact of a plant-based diet

Stance and SCHS team up to encourage creativity among students

Surf class review: Start your day in the ocean

Remembering Robert Hunter’s legacy

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