Boys’ Volleyball Recap

By Maisie Shea | Writer   &   Brycen Dutchik | Writer May 7, 2015 As the SCHS boys’ volleyball season finishes up their successful 26-6 run this season, currently sitting as the 4th seed […]

Player Spotlight- Lucas Herbert

By Taylor Beard | Sports Editor May 7, 2105 As baseball season comes to an end, many SCHS players reminisce on the amazing season they had this year. The boys have definitely made this year […]

Movie Preview – Pitch Perfect 2

By Alison Shea | Opinion Editor May 6, 2015 Finally, it’s the time we’ve all been waiting for; Pitch perfect 2 is coming out in theaters on May 15, 2015, one week from this friday. We’ll […]

Creative Writing – “Train Ride”

By Stephanie Alpizar | Writer May 8, 2015 She was fixated on the rolling hills and mountainside outside the window. Lush trees covered the landscape with a flourish of warm colors. Daisy yellow, sunset orange, […]

First Day of School Date Changes!

By Jessica Urioste | Writer May 5, 2015 Summer. Just hearing the word makes you smile! You think about the warm sun beaming on your still- tanning skin and the cool salt water crushing you with […]

Teacher Profile – Mrs. Buckman

  By Ethan Hughes | Writer   &   Blaze Gonzalez | Writer May 6, 2015 Veteran teacher Mrs. Buckman has under her belt an eight year career at San Clemente High School. She had […]

Player Spotlight – Jack Renard

By Martina McAllister | Writer May 7, 2015 As senior year comes to an end, and some of San Clemente High School’s Tritons go off to start their lives, we are taking a look into […]

Baltimore Riots

By Bennett Secrest | Writer   &   Kian Kiasaleh | Writer May 7, 2015 Posts, pictures, and videos surfaced in the last few weeks throughout social media detailing the chaotic riots in Baltimore. Many people, […]

Saylor Voris, You Will Truly Be Missed

Martina McAllister | Writer   &    Taylor Beard | Sports Editor April 24th, 2014 People do not consider the true meaning of the expressions, “You dont know what you have until its gone” and […]

Movie Review – Avengers: Age of Ultron

By Hannah Lickley | Writer May 6, 2015 Director Joss Whedon stuns audiences with his film, The Avengers: Age of Ultron, the sequel to The Avengers, which incorporates everything from action to emotion to disaster. In the first movie, The Avengers, released […]

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