Best Spikeball spot: Lost Winds

Mid-serve at Lost Winds

By: Jack Sorenson | Head Editor

January 31. 2020

Spikeball is a game that incorporates elements of volleyball and foursquare to create a fast-paced, close-quarters athletic experience, and it has swept the nation as both a casual and a competitive experience.

Spikeball players in a tense game

“It’s a great game to play with your friends,” San Clemente High School senior Nick Petrocelli said. “You only need four people, so it’s never hard to get a game together.” San Clemente’s warm climates and sunny weather has made Spikeball a game of choice at the various beaches and parks for people of all ages. The best place to play, however, is undoubtedly Lost Winds Beach.

Located of Calle Lasuen, the beach is home to volleyball courts that serve as an ideal spot for Spikeball matches. “Being on the beach is ideal,” SCHS senior Jack Martin said. “The sand makes it easy to lay out for big plays.” The views, the water, and that cool ocean breeze are what have earned Lost Winds the title of Best Spikeball Spot in San Clemente.

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