Looming Willow Project poses a threat to the environment and Biden’s career

THE WILLOW PROJECT: The ariel photo provided by ConocoPhillips shows prospective drilling sight if the Willow Project passes. Alaskapublic.org

Ava Miller | Opinion Editor

March 2, 2023

The Willow Project, an oil drilling venture proposed by ConocoPhillips, the largest crude oil producer in Alaska, is expected to be decided on by President Joe Biden any day now. The project will commence in Alaska, establishing three drilling pads, and will produce 180,000 barrels of oil a day– generating enough oil to release 9.2 million metric tons of carbon emissions yearly. So why is Biden even considering such an environmental catastrophe?

The Willow Project will boost the United States’ economical standings by creating jobs and increasing energy production. For those with worries centered around economic gain and improvement, the passage of the project will be to their benefit.

“I was under the impression that Biden campaigned to reduce environmental impacts, and this seems quite contrary to this promise” explains senior Tessa Campbell. Campbell is not alone in these concerns. Biden did campaign on the basis of ending new oil drillings. He took a stance to protect the environment and make efforts to lessen climate change. Biden considering passing the Willow Project, however, will not uphold these beliefs.

Because of his fear of the obvious hypocrisy he would be demonstrating, Biden claims he would reduce the amount of new oil drilling sites from three to two and make efforts to plant more trees. Biden is rapidly losing credibility and support from environmental advocates and young voters who originally supported him because of his progressive stance on climate change.

STOP THE WILLOW PROJECT: protests have commenced to protect Alaska against the environmental catastrophe the oil drilling would create. Newsweek.com

Bella Starnes points out “I don’t care if it is two oil sites or three. Either way, they will destroy our environment and push our planet closer to a point of no return.” 

Young advocates, environmentalist groups, and really anybody that cares about the health of our Earth have taken to social media to oppose the carbon pollution the new oil drillings will produce. The efforts of pressuring Biden against the project are evident as this is not the president America voted for. Regardless of if he accepts or rejects the project, he has lost the trust of millions of Americans by even considering it. 

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